Whiteboard Friday is a weekly video put together by the SEOMoz team that shares actionable advice and tips for doing great SEO. I recently recommended it as a top resource in my article 12 Must-Have Resources for Getting Started With SEO at MarketingProfs and I have collected some of my top takeaways from watching the 100+ videos.

-Because of Panda, duplicate content on part of your site, can harm your entire site.
-You can boost the power of authoritative inbound links by linking to the page you are mentioned on.
-Submitting to article directories can hurt you.
-You can upload a transcription for your YouTube videos and help your YouTube rankings.
-You can search Amazon Wishlists by email. Find a blogger and send them a gift with a note.
-Copy a snippet from guest blogger’s byline and search for it in Google to find other places they have written for.
-Look to guest post on sites that have regular writers (not too many other guest posts).
-Link to past guest posts you have written in your new guest posts.
-Don’t leave comments to get links except indirectly by building trust by adding value.
-Google does not look at your individual site analytics for ranking signals (like time on site).
-Long reports don’t actually get things done.
-Create a library of free images that people can use in exchange for a link back.
-Use Google Blog Search to find guest post opportunities.
-People will bounce if they don’t think your site is up to their standards.
-When the New York Times put more external links on pages, they saw an increase in rankings for those pages.
-Using images can create a better relationship with the visitor.
-Leverage your authority from putting out great content to earn links to your sales page.
-Avoid having a lot of similar pages targeting similar keyword variations. Instead put all content on one page.
-Good useful, unique content is not enough. Your content should compel people to share it and say wow.
-Panda uses machine learning based on survey data from quality raters.
-Toolbar Page Rank (the green bar) is a number between 0-10 and is updated every few months. Actual Page Rank is a hidden number between 0-1 and is updated multiple times per day.
-Create a text transcript for videos on your site.
-If you host your videos on a third party site like YouTube or Vimeo, you may be earning links to that site instead of your own.
-Page Rank no longer dominates how your pages rank in Google.
-Don’t just build links, build relationships.
-Think of content that a site wishes that they had and offer to build it.

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Charles Sipe is an SEO Specialist who works on developing great content and earning links. You can reach him at charles(at)spacecraftdigital.com or follow him on Twitter at @charlessipe.