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Infographics can be an excellent way to leverage content marketing to earn attention, social media shares, and links. Google spokesman Matt Cutts has warned webmasters against using irrelevant infographics to promote your site and stated that infographic links may be devalued at some point. However if you create an amazing infographic that people love, there still appears to be great value in terms of helping your site gain authoritative links. Excellent infographics are published on popular sites like Mashable and Boing Boing which can result in powerful links and thousands of people experiencing your brand in a positive way. They are also shared frequently on social sites like Twitter and Pinterest which can help raise awareness of your brand.

If you decide to try developing an infographic for your business, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Designate a Target Audience
When I’m planning an infographic one of the important things to consider whether there are people that would link to it. For example an infographic about the obesity epidemic has a clear audience of bloggers that would share the infographic on their site: health and fitness bloggers.

Do Enough People Care?
Hot news topics tend to work well because the topic is top of mind for a lot of people. Topics that a lot of people are passionate about can also work well.

Is the Topic Relevant
Off-topic infographics have been mentioned by Google as something to stay away from. If you create a zombie infographic and you sell sporting goods you may get a lot of links from unrelated sites that will look unnatural to search engines.

Are There Enough Interesting Facts?
Including mind blowing facts and data can help make an infographic worth sharing. On the other hand, facts that are dull will make for an unremarkable visualization that will be difficult to promote.

Do you have the design chops
It should go without saying that your infographic should have great design. However there are a lot of poorly designed infographics that are created every day. Since the infographic is representing your brand you want to use top notch designers if you can. A beautiful visualization is more likely to be trusted and shared. There are several high quality infographic design firms that can help you or you can find a freelance designer on sites like Dribbble.

Is the information accurate?
It is a good idea to double and triple-check your facts in your infographic and make sure information is from highly authoritative sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics or Harvard. It is not fun to get called out by a blogger because of an inaccurate fact in your infographic.